California Compliant Rifles featuring the BSD™

The brilliant minds at TrackingPoint have devised a solution to the latest California firearms regulations with the design and implementation of the TrackingPoint BSD on all its current M-Series semi-automatic rifles. The BSD (or Bolt Stop Device) once installed, converts any TrackingPoint M-Series semi-automatic rifle into a Cali Compliant single-shot rifle by locking the bolt back after every round fired. Manual manipulation of the bolt, by pressing the lever of the BSD, drives the bolt forward and allows the next shot to be taken. The simple steps of PRESS – FIRE – REPEAT allow California citizens to enjoy the lock and load precision-guided technology TrackingPoint is synonymous with, while remaining compliant with current California legislation.

Currently Available on the Following TrackingPoint Rifles

  • M300FE
  • M400XHDR
  • M600SR
  • M800DMR

Avoid Having to Register Your Rifle as an Assault Rifle with the TrackingPoint BSD™!

The engineers at TrackingPoint bring you the ultimate California Compliant solution, the TrackingPoint BSD! The easily installed BSD, or Bolt Stop Device, replaces the standard bolt catch found in every AR-15/AR-10 with a proprietary design that locks the bolt back after each round is fired.  The bolt remains locked back until the user manually engages the bolt once again by pressing the BSD lever. These actions render your current semi-automatic into a single-shot rifle and thereby compliant with the latest California legislation. After installation of the TrackingPoint BSD on your existing rifle(s), the three simple steps of PRESS – FIRE – REPEAT will have you at the range enjoying the rifle you’ve come to know and love without having to register.

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