TrackingPoint uses the same lock-and-launch technology found in military fighter jets in its Precision-Guided Firearms. With a variety of semi-automatic and bolt-action models available, Precision-Guided Firearms will help shooters of any skill level shoot better than the best shooters who ever lived.

All guns come with primary iron sights included.


400 yards Lock Range, 10 mph Target Velocity

MSRP $6,995

600 yards Lock Range, 15 mph Target Velocity

MSRP $9,995

800 yards Lock Range, 20 mph Target Velocity

MSRP $15,995

1400 yards Lock Range, 20 mph Target Velocity

MSRP $16,995


Night Vision Gen 2

MSRP $2,495

Vivid Gen 3 Night Vision

MSRP $6,995

Torrid Thermal

MSRP $8,995

Crux Silencers

SAXON – MSRP $1495

ARK30 – MSRP $1495

ARK338 – MSRP $1695


ShotGlass™ on Recon Jet™

TrackingPoint’s ShotView™ app on the Recon Jet™ smartglass empowers you to shoot around corners and record your hunt.


TrackingPoint Accessories

Check out these accessories for your Precision-Guided Firearm.