MI338 Kivaari by DRD Tactical, Powered by TrackingPoint

Be the first to own this amazing firearm and experience its beauty, power, and accuracy first hand. TrackingPoint has taken DRD Tactical’s KIVARRI 338 – arguably the best 338 on the market – and added our technology to bring you a remarkable setup to dominate long-distance shooting. This 338 has a sub MOA configuration, a lock range of 1,000 yards with an integrated laser range finder, a 3 – 21x zoom, a target velocity of 10 MPH, and a Magpul PRS fully adjustable stock. And that’s not all – download the spec sheet for more details, such as recording and streaming features. The Mi338 also supports audio/video cataloging of shots, in addition to connectivity to the TrackingPoint iOS or Android apps to catalog media, change settings, and much more. At 47” fully assembled, the KIVAARI is as gorgeous as it is powerful, and is by far one of the best-looking weapons on the market today. Be the first to own the Mi338 and be prepared to turn heads at the range or in the field at your next big game hunt. Just remember to tell them where they can buy their own.

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The Mi338 utilizes CMOS sensor technology to deliver Gen-2 night vision performance. After dark, the shooter can acquire and track targets just as in daylight. This system comes standard with the Gen-2 Night Vision upgrade, including the rail-mounted IR illuminator.


When paired with ShotGlass™, the shooter can be completely concealed but still see and eliminate targets as if he or she were looking through the scope. The scope view is projected into the shooter’s glasses, enabling acquisition and elimination of the target with virtually no exposure. Soldiers and hunters can shoot over berms and around corners with an extremely high hit rate.

Available to select non-military U.S. individuals.


The Mi338 records voice and video. As the shooter engages a target, he or she can voice-annotate the recorded video in real time, creating a rich media experience shareable with friends and family.


TRADITIONAL – Default mode is active within 2 seconds of powering the system, allowing the rapid use of the firearm if needed.

ADVANCED TARGETS – Calculates ballistic solution for stationary targets.

ADVANCED MOVERS – Optimized for TTR shots on moving targets or game that are active or typically moving when harvested up to speeds of 10 mph.


MSRP $8995

Caliber .338 Lapua Magnum

Lock Range 1000 YDS

Max Target Velocity 10 MPH

Ammunition TrackingPoint 280gr LRX; OTM-250 Lapua 250 Scenar Product #4318017; OTM-300 TrackingPoint 300gr OTM

Weight 17.6 LBS

Overall Length 47”

Zoom 3x-21x

Target Lock Time 1 second

Tracking Precision 0.047 MOA

Barrel Length 24”

Power Dual Lithium Ion Batteries

Operation Time 6 Hrs

WiFi 802.11G


(2) 10 Round Magazines BLK

(3) Batteries

(1) Battery Charger

(1) Eye Guard, Shuttered

(1) Custom Pelican Hardcase

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Submit a Call-Back Form and We Will Call You When It’s Convenient for You!