About TrackingPoint

TrackingPoint is a group of technologists, ex-military, shooters, and hunters with a mission to change the way we defend our country, our cities, our homes, and our property. We set our sights high and delivered a 100 year-leap in small arms capability. We are strong advocates for the Infantry Soldier and believe Precision-Guided Firearms will give our warriors and law enforcement personnel an insurmountable overmatch capability in the war on radical Islamic terrorism. We believe that Precision-Guided Firearms will save countless American lives and give our military true force multiplication.

Going forward we will stay focused on innovation, customer satisfaction, and thought leadership. We will create doctrine, strategy and thought-provoking papers all designed to strengthen our country in the face of extremism. On our customers behalf we are committed to remain the tip-of-the-arrow in the world of small arms.