On December 5th 2015 Taya Kyle, wife of war hero Chris Kyle, battled NRA World Shooting Champion Bruce Piatt in a shootout for the ages. Taya used TrackingPoint and Bruce used legacy rifles typically used by our soldiers in war. The competition took place on a specially built shooting range that was set up to emulate a real-war scenario. The competition was structured in three segments – Service Rifle 5.56, Designated Marksman Rifle 7.62, and Sniper Rifle 338LM. Taya Kyle’s 5.56 Service Rifle was a custom made TrackingPoint M700 5.56. The competition was held under battle stress conditions which included unexpected explosions and smoke. Targets were at unknown distances, were of unknown size, and moved at unknown velocities.


We are proud of the fact that the American Sniper Shootout raised over $500,000 for the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation to aid the families of our soldiers and our first responders. We would like to give thanks to our customers that attended the event and contributed so generously to the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation including Charley Dublin and Jeff Jerue. We would also like to give a special thanks to Bruce Piatt who is not only the greatest shooter in the world but also a generous human being with a big heart!

Taya Kyle Score Card

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Bruce Piatt Score Card

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Systems used by Taya

M700 - 5.56

M800 - 7.62

XS1 - .338 Lapua Magnum

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