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Interested in a career with TrackingPoint?

Based in Pflugerville, Texas, TrackingPoint is an applied technologies company focused on creating advanced technology optics that produce pinpoint accuracy when paired with quality firearms. With fighter jet lock-and-launch technology, TrackingPoint enables incredible accuracy at long-range distances, transforming rifles into Precision-Guided Firearms (PGFs). TrackingPoint offers the first and only rifle with a fire control system that guides the release of ordnance, and virtually eliminates human error. It’s the first significant small-arms innovation since 1844’s release of the telescopic scope, and puts the power of accuracy into the hands of any level of shooter.  With a variety of semi-automatic and bolt-action models available, users of any skill level can bypass decades of training to enjoy even first-time success hunting or on the range. Internet enabled, PGFs allow hunters and sport shooters to stream live video and audio using its ShotView™ app, available on Android and iPhone. Follow us on Facebook (@trackingpointrifle), Twitter (@trackingpoint), and Instagram (@trackingpoint), and follow our company page on LinkedIn for the lasted job postings at

No openings available at this time.

If you would like to submit a general resume for us to keep on file for future openings, please send your resume in Word or PDF format to  Thank you for your interest!