True patriots don’t celebrate our hard-fought freedoms by sitting around in lawn chairs, they honor it on shooting ranges across America from shooting mats! Now you too can let freedom ring with the NEW TrackingPoint™ Mi13™, the newest TrackingPoint Precision-Guided Firearm system to feature the latest software enhancements, 3-D Wind and TP Live. These new features, a 1200-yard lock range, plus TrackingPoint’s patented RapidLok™ target acquisition system, allow you and patriots like you to accurately shoot farther and celebrate freedom – BOOM!

RapidLok™ Target Elimination System and Fire-Control

As a shooter or hunter pulls the trigger the target is automatically acquired and tracked. When trigger pull completes, the target is instantly neutralized. RapidLok™ Fire Control is image stabilized enabling shooters to lock targets with relative ease. RapidLok™ has an auto-snap feature that automatically adjusts point-of-impact to target center of mass. Also, target velocity is instantly measured and contemplated in the launch solution. RapidLok™ incorporates a laser-based Barrel Reference System that ensures shot-to-shot perfect zero eliminating error from shock, vibration, or environmental changes such as temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure.

Zero-Signature Lethality

When deployed with ShotGlass™ the hunter/shooter can be completely unexposed and can see and engage targets as if he were looking through the scope.  The scope view is projected into the shooters glasses so he can acquire and neutralize the target with virtually no exposure.  Users can now shoot over berms and around corners with an extremely high hit rate.

Modes of Operation

Precision Targets – Calculates ballistic solution for stationary targets

Precision Movers – Calculates firing solution for moving targets

Auto-acquire – User predesignates the tag on the target, allows for quick follow up shots to the same location

Suppressive Fire – Collects and holds real-time ballistics solution to systems maximum range. Trigger is live to reduce time to engagements

Night Mode – For Gen-2, Gen-3, and Thermal Attachments

Package Includes:

  • (1) 10-Round Magazine BLK
  • (3) Batteries
  • (1) Battery Charger
  • (1) Harris-S Model Bipod 6″ upgraded with DLOC-S and SARG Knobs
  • (1) Eye Guard, Accordion Style


Lock Range: 1200 Yards
Target Velocity: 20 MPH
Target Lock Time: .5 second
Tracking Precision: 0.047 Minutes of Angle (MOA, .25 inches @ .3 miles)
Barrel Length 22” Dracos Composite Barrel
Full Length: 42.5”
Power: Dual Lithium Ion Batteries
Operating Time: 3.5 Hours
Zoom: 3 - 21x
Weight: 14.6 lbs
WiFi: 802.11G
Ammunition: TP .300 WM LRX
.300 WM OTM


Rifle      $3,000    (Primary iron sights included)

Scope & Accessories   $9,900

Install   $95

MSRP $12,995