We Say Beauty is Power –
The New TrackingPoint-Enabled Mi338 KIVAARI Proves It.

TrackingPoint has taken DRD Tactical’s KIVARRI 338 – arguably the best 338 on the market – and added our technology to bring you a remarkable setup to dominate long-distance shooting.  This 338 has a sub MOA configuration, a lock range of 1,000 yards with an integrated laser range finder, a 3 – 21x zoom, a target velocity of 10 MPH, and a Magpul PRS fully adjustable stock.  And that’s not all, that’s just what we can fit in this space.
At 47” fully assembled, the KIVAARI is as gorgeous as it is powerful, and is by far one of the best-looking weapons on the market today. Be the first to own the Mi338 and be prepared to turn heads at the range or in the field at your next big game hunt.