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We don’t think so.

And as the AR-15 semi-auto once again finds itself under political scrutiny, get one while you still can.  You’d be hard-pressed to find a better AR-15 on the market right now than the tough and versatile Mi4.

The Mi4 is the ultimate all-conditions AR, combining precision-guided accuracy and Gen 2 Night vision with the knock-down power of a .300 Blackout.  With a 400-yard lock range and the ability to eliminate human error on moving targets, it’s perfect for eradicating hogs, predators, and vermin day or night.   And it’s one rugged customer – drop it, submerge it, subject it to Mother’ Nature’s worst – no matter what the situation, it can take it, and you’ll still consistently hit where you need to every time.

Night Vision

Utilizing CMOS sensor technology, the ShadowTrax3 delivers Gen-2 night vision performance. Turn your night into day and acquire and track targets regardless of the time.

RapidLok™ Target Elimination System and Fire Control

As a shooter or hunter engages the trigger (half pull), the target is automatically acquired and tracked (tagged). With the trigger fully engaged and the shooter aligns the lit reticle with the tag, the target is then instantly neutralized.

Zero Signature Lethality

When paired with ShotGlass™, the shooter can be completely concealed but still see and eliminate targets as if he or she were looking through the scope.  Shoot over berms and around corners with virtually no exposure. Learn More about ShotGlass™.

Shared Dominance

Record video and narrate to share rich media experiences of your shot with family and friends.

Like What You See So Far? Now Prepare to Like It More

If Uncle Sam Does Not Give You a Break…We Will! 

The Mi4 Bundle is valued at $10,839,
For a Limited Time You Pay $6,620

Mi4 Bundle Includes:

Gen 2 Night Vision Kit – a $995 value!

The CMOS sensor in your TrackingPoint scope is capable of detecting infrared light not visible to the human eye. The TrackingPoint Gen 2 Night Vision kit adds a high-intensity Infrared Illuminator, allowing you to lock and launch on targets out to 200 yards at night.  Learn more about the Gen 2 Night Vision Kit.

3-Year Warranty

The extended warranty is designed to cover repairs and protect you in the event of failures or defects in materials, workmanship, or functionality for 3 full years. 

Hard Casea $499 value!

Not every rifle nor package includes a hard case, but this package does.  Protect your rifle and travel with ease by taking advantage of this deal.


BSDa $120 value!

The Bolt-Stop Device replaces the standard bolt catch found in every milspect AR-15 and turns your semi-automatic rifle into a single-shot rifle.  Compliant to current California semi-automatic regulations.  Learn More.

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