Mi8 Agent Edition

800 Yard Lock Range, 20 MPH Target Velocity

ATTENTION: Agent ██████ success in your next mission is critical, and the utmost discretion is required. Enclosed you will find details on the recommended equipment and mission parameters. Your destination is ███████. As this mission requires ███████ you will need to obtain the most advanced Precision-Guided Firearm, the TrackingPoint 7.62 NATO Mi8 DMR, complete with the latest software upgrades, including 3-D Wind, TP Live, and the full suite of TrackingPoint’s digital tracking solutions. Due to the sensitive nature of this mission, the Mi8 has been outfitted in an exclusive Combat Grey finish to minimize the threat of detection. We can’t risk letting ███████ get out of range again, so ShotGlass™ is included granting you increased situational awareness and the ability to send your field data directly to HQ. You must act quickly, as time is of the essence. End transmission.

Free ShotGlass™

TrackingPoint brings you the first digital hunting and shooting app for Recon’s smartglass technology. TrackingPoint’s ShotGlass™ app on the Recon Jet™ smartglass empowers you to shoot around corners and record your hunt. These revolutionary digital shooting glasses connect wirelessly to your TrackingPoint rifle and enhance your precision-guided hunting and shooting experience using a built-in camera and high-definition video display.

Free Eberlestock Gunslinger Pack II

The Eberlestock Gunslinger Pack II gives the optimum balance between high strength and light weight. It also has the great benefit of a full array of compression and lash straps. Each surface of the pack can be compressed and each set of straps can be used to quickly grapple something to the pack.

Modes of Operation

Precision Targets – Calculates ballistic solution for stationary targets

Precision Movers – Calculates firing solution for moving targets

Auto-acquire – User predesignates the tag on the target, allows for quick follow up shots to the same location

Suppressive Fire – Collects and holds real-time ballistics solution to systems maximum range. Trigger is live to reduce time to engagements

Night Mode – For Gen-2, Gen-3, and Thermal Attachments

Free Upgrades:

  • (1) Eberlestock Gunslinger II: Black ($429 Value)
  • (1) Combat Grey Cerakote™ Upgrade ($495 Value)
  • (1) ShotGlass ($995 Value)

System Includes:

  • 1 Battery Charger
  • 1 TP User Manual
  • 1 Harris-S Model Bipod 6″ upgraded with DLOC-S and SARG Knobs
  • 1 Magazine 10-Round BLK*
  • 3 Batteries
  • 1 Eye Guard, Shuttered
  • Primary Iron Sights


Lock Range
Max Target Velocity
Target Lock Time
Tracking Precision
Barrel Length
Overall Length
Operating Time
800 yards
20 MPH
0.5 second (includes all ballistics calculations and velocity measurements)
2.5 seconds
0.047 minutes of angle (MOA)(0.25 inches @ 0.3 miles)
Dual lithium-ion batteries
3.5 hours
3 to 21x
175 gr Match or 168 gr TSX
14.6 lbs


Gun $2,000 (Primary iron sights included)

Scope & Accessories $7,400

Install $95

MSRP $9,495

Call (512) 354-2114 to Apply or Apply Below.