One Shot Nation FAQ
How do I apply to become a Representative in the One Shot Nation™ program?

Simply click here and follow the instructions.

Who is eligible to become a Representative?

The Program is open only to persons who are at least 18 years of age and located within the fifty states of the United States of America or the District of Columbia. The Program is not available to TrackingPoint employees, their immediate family members or their respective agents and proxies.

How much does it cost to become a Representative of One Shot Nation?

It’s free if you’ve previously purchased a TrackingPoint PGF from us. It is $29.95 if you have not yet purchased a PGF.

What will my relationship be with TrackingPoint if I become a Representative?

You will be an independent contractor, and not an employee, partner, legal representative or franchisee of TrackingPoint. You will be solely responsible for paying all business expenses that you incur as a Representative. You will not be treated as an employee of TrackingPoint for federal or state tax purposes, and it will be your responsibility to pay federal, state and local taxes on any income that you earn as a Representative.

Are there any minimum purchases of TrackingPoint products I have to make if I become a Representative?

– No; enrolling as a Representative in the One Shot Nation does not create any obligation on you to purchase any TrackingPoint products, and the benefits available to you as a Representative are not in any way contingent on you entering into any contract or arrangement for any such purchase.

Do I get anything from TrackingPoint to help me get started as a Representative?

Yes; you will receive both a tangible sales kit of sales aids and promotional items and a digital sales kit of sales aids and other information, which together will enable you to promote TrackingPoint products to prospective Customers.
*Please note: Due to the personalization of the business cards, receipt of the One Shot Nation Battle Kit may take up to four (4) weeks.

Can I get a refund of my enrollment fee if I change my mind about becoming a Representative?

Yes; if you terminate your enrollment in the Program during the first two months after your enrollment, the enrollment fee you paid, if any, will be promptly refunded to you in the manner by which it was originally paid.

How do I refer a Customer?

We want to make the process as simple as possible for you and for your Customer. Tell the Customers you refer to provide your name when they order their first TrackingPoint firearm. And, we have created multiple ways for you to connect your referrals to TrackingPoint:

    1. Give your name to a potential Customer and ask them to provide your name when they call us to place their first order. We will ask all new Customers if they have been referred by a One Shot Nation representative.
    2. Hand one of your One Shot Nation business cards to a potential Customer. Your One Shot Nation business card will include the website address at which your referred Customer can register their interest in TrackingPoint products.
    3. Send a One Shot Nation email that we specially prepare for you to a potential Customer. Our specially-prepared emails will include important information about TrackingPoint products and promotions, along with a link to our website that your referred Customer can click to register their interest in TrackingPoint products.

The Customer you referred is incentivized to provide your name because they will receive a $50 discount on their first order if they do so. And, your referred Customer only needs to provide your name when making their first order. After that, as long as you remain Active in the Program, your name will automatically be associated with orders from that Customer regardless of whether they provide your name.

Do I have to know the Customers I refer to TrackingPoint?

No; you can refer potential Customer you don’t personally know.

Can I refer prospective Customers from other countries?

No; this One Shot Nation Independent Representative Program is limited to referrals for sales of TrackingPoint products to domestic Customers only, and not for transfers of firearms that result in exports from the U.S.

Can I sign-up a family member that will earn commissions on my own personal orders?

No; we are looking for Representatives who will expand the deployment of TrackingPoint Precision-Guided Firearms. Signing up a friend or family member just to get additional discounts on your personal orders is not in the spirit of the One Shot Nation movement.

How do the Customers I refer order from TrackingPoint?

They just call TrackingPoint sales at 512-354-2114 to order.

Do I have to complete any additional paperwork or collect money from Customers I refer for their orders?

No; all you have to do is tell a prospective Customer about TrackingPoint products and encourage them call TrackingPoint or visit our website at to register their interest. Our sales team will do the rest.

Do I have to do any background checks on the Customers I refer?

No; TrackingPoint and/or the federally-licensed firearms dealers with whom we work, and not you, are responsible for ensuring that all required background checks are completed before TrackingPoint’s products are delivered.

What is the rate of commission I can earn?

7% of the total amount of the first order by Customers you refer (excluding shipping, excise taxes, sales taxes, handling fees, finance charges, insurance and the like), and 5% of the value of subsequent orders of TrackingPoint products by Customers you refer.

Do I earn commission for every order placed by the Customers I referred to TrackingPoint?

Yes; as long as you are an Active Representative in the One Shot Nation Program.

How do I maintain Active status?

You remain Active by originating at least $5,000 in initial orders for TrackingPoint products from new personally-referred Customers during any rolling six-month period.

Does an order from my referred Customer need to ship before I get credit for the sale?

No; you earn commission once TrackingPoint has booked the Customer’s order and collected their deposit.

What happens if my referred Customer cancels their order or returns their products?

In the event a Customer referred by you cancels all or a portion of their order or returns their TrackingPoint products for refund under the Company’s 30-day Limited Return policy, the amount of the commission you previously earned on the canceled or returned order is deducted from your commission account.

Do I earn commission on my personal orders?

No; commissions are earned only on orders made by Customers you personally refer to TrackingPoint.

How do I keep track of how much I’ve earned?

About two weeks after the end of each month, we will email to you an up-to-date report of the value of cumulative net sales orders of TrackingPoint products from Customers referred by you, and the balance of your earned but unpaid sales commissions.

How will TrackingPoint payout my earned commissions?

Each month you designate to us how much of the balance of your accrued commissions you would like to be paid in cash. You will receive a check for that amount approximately 30 days after we send the report of your earned but unpaid sales commissions.

How long do I have to collect my commissions?

Your earned commissions do not expire. However, the balance of any earned but unpaid commissions in your account will automatically be paid to you in cash when you leave the Program for any reason.

Can I make a living doing this?

That depends on you. TrackingPoint makes no promises or representations about earnings potential of the One Shot Nation Independent Representative Program.

Can I apply commissions I earn to purchase TrackingPoint products?

Yes! You can convert sales commissions to Product Points that can be applied toward the purchase of TrackingPoint products. Commissions are converted to Product Points at the ratio of $1 of commissions to 1.4 Product Points. For example, $1,000 in sales commissions, when converted to Product Points, is worth $1,400 that you can apply to the purchase of TrackingPoint products.

How do I convert my commission dollars to Product Points?

Each month you designate to us how much of the balance of your earned but unpaid sales commissions is to be retained by us in your account for future conversion to Product Points, rather than be paid to you in cash.

How do I apply Product Points to purchase TrackingPoint products?

Simple; call your TrackingPoint sales representative and they will take your order and your commission account will be adjusted accordingly for the number of Product Points you apply to that order.

What is The Liberty Fund and how does it work?

The Liberty Fund has been created by TrackingPoint as a means to provide financial assistance to non-profit organizations that support charitable causes consistent with the values embodied in the Constitution of the One Shot Nation. TrackingPoint will contribute 1% of the net dollar value of orders we receive from Customers referred by you and other One Shot Nation Representatives during each calendar year. We accumulate the total amount to be contributed by TrackingPoint based on orders received throughout the year, and we make the cash charitable contributions within 60 days after the end of the calendar year.

Can I select the charitable organizations to which you make contributions resulting from orders by Customers I refer?

In December of each year, we will email information for you to submit recommendations for us to consider in determining the contributions we make from amounts accumulated in The Liberty Fund for that year. Final selections of charitable organizations and allocations of contributions will be at our sole discretion based, in part, on suggestions from you and other One Shot Nation Representatives.

How do I handle taxes on my earnings?

Before we can pay to you any commissions you earn, you will be asked to provide your social security number. In the event that you earn $600 or more in any calendar year, we will provide an IRS Form 1099 MISC (Non-Employee Compensation) earnings statement to you as required by applicable law.

If you have a question that was not answered on this FAQ, please email Our goal is to respond to all inquiries with-in two business days.