What is the One Shot Nation

One Shot Nation is a group of people who are passionate about TrackingPoint’s products. Members are affiliates of TrackingPoint and benefit in many ways from spreading the word on the future of firearms:

  • Refer customers and earn cash and points towards product purchases
  • The more you succeed the more Liberty Funds1 we donate to worthy causes

You get 7% commission on the customer’s first purchase and 5% for all subsequent purchases. Your commissions are worth 40% more if used toward the purchase of TrackingPoint products. The Liberty Fund accrues 1% based on purchases by the customers you refer.

You will also receive the same commissions on all accessories and ammunition purchased by your referred customer.
One Shot Nation Battle Kit
Join and receive the One Shot Nation Battle Kit*. The kit includes a TrackingPoint hat, TrackingPoint selling material, One Shot Nation Representative business cards, stickers, and an email you can send to your prospects. A digital version of the sales kit and confirmation email will be sent upon your applications acceptance.


Membership is free for existing TrackingPoint customers who have purchased a Precision-Guided Firearm and $29.95 for all others. If you are not a customer but in the registration process you inadvertently indicate that you are a customer, you will not be accepted as a Representative, receive the Battle Kit, or receive the $250 product coupon.  Please re-apply as a non-customer and pay the $29.95 enrollment fee to become a One Shot Nation Representative.

Referring and Selling is Easy

Your name is your Representative ID. Just tell your friends, family members, and other potential customers to provide your name when they call to buy. You will earn the credit and they will get a $50 discount for providing your name.

Why You Should Join
  • Earn cash and points toward purchase of TrackingPoint products
  • Get first Shot at new products
  • Receive exclusive One Shot specials
  • Get $250 product credit just for joining
  • This is a No Obligation program3

1 As you refer customers purchase TrackingPoint products we set aside 1% of the value of each order in The Liberty Fund. We then annually contribute the accumulated Liberty Fund dollars to freedom focused organizations.

2 Numbers shown are calculated at a 7% commission rate which applies only to the customer’s first purchase. For the customer’s subsequent purchases you earnings are calculated at a 5% commission rate.

3 When you join One Shot Nation there is no obligation to purchase TrackingPoint products or refer potential customers.

*Please note: Due to the personalization of the business cards, receipt of the One Shot Nation Battle Kit may take up to four (4) weeks.