How One Shot Nation Works

When you become a member of One Shot Nation you can immediately begin referring family, friends, associates and others to TrackingPoint. When your referrals call to purchase their first PGF you will receive a 7% commission on that first sale. (That can be over $1000 depending on the model purchased.) Going forward, you get a 5% commission on all subsequent purchases made by customers referred by you as long as you are an active Representative. Your rewards can either be redeemed directly for a cash payout or applied to your own future purchases of TrackingPoint products. When choosing the second option, TrackingPoint will increase the value of your redeemed commission by another 40%.

Additionally, we allocate to The Liberty Fund an amount equal to 1% of all sales to customers referred by you.

Example – You refer Customer A. Customer A purchases an M1400,a case of 338LM ammunition, a Thermal Sight, and ShotGlassTM shooting glasses. A few months later Customer A purchases an M800 and a case of 7.62 ammunition. Your earned commission and our contribution to The Liberty Fund will look like this:

In this example, you have $2,843.70 that can be redeemed as cash or used to buy TrackingPoint products. If you choose to apply your earnings to purchase TrackingPoint products the dollars are worth 40% more. In this example, your commissions when applied to the purchase of TrackingPoint products are worth $3,980.20. We also have accrued $453.60 Liberty Fund dollars that we will contribute to liberty-based charities.

Referring and Selling is Easy

Your name is your Representative ID.  Just tell your friends, family member, and other potential customers to provide your name when they call to buy.  You will earn the credit and they will get a $50 discount for providing your name.