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TrackingPoint Announces Breakthrough Pricing with Introduction of M300FE semi-auto 5.56

Oct 04 2016

$5,995 Including Free Gen-2 Night Vision
Fighter-jet capabilities with comparable price-point to legacy night-equipped semi-automatic rifles

Pflugerville, Texas (October 4, 2016) – TrackingPoint announced today the M300FE (For Everyone) semi-automatic 5.56 Precision-Guided Firearm. Priced at $5,995, the M300FE contains all the fighter-jet technologies found in TrackingPoint’s higher-end models including target tracking, fire control with guided trigger, auto-ballistics, video streaming, and compatibility with TrackingPoint’s ShotGlassTM digital shooting glasses. For a limited time, the M300FE is being offered with free Gen-2 Night Vision – a $2,495 value. With TrackingPoint’s new UltraFlatTM high velocity ammunition, the M300FE delivers point-blank-range precision out to 300 yards without the need for a range finder.

“We hear over and over again ‘I wish I could afford one,’” said TrackingPoint CEO John McHale. “We heard our customers and introduced a Precision-Guided Firearm for everyone – the M300FE.”

The M300-FE provides an overwhelming price/performance advantage compared to all branded and non-branded legacy semi-automatic rifle systems.



Gen-2 Night Vision

The first 100 M300s purchased come with free Gen-2 Night Vision ($2,495 value) pre-installed. With Night Vision capabilities, the M300FE is optimized for predator control and homestead defense.

Same Day Delivery

The first 100 purchased are delivered the same day as ordered.

90-Day Financing Same as Cash

Customers can finance their M300FE for 90 days interest free. Extended financing is available with payments as low as $137 per month.

ShotGlassTM Special Pricing

TrackingPoint’s digital video shooting glasses, which allow fully-concealed unexposed shooters to engage targets, normally priced at $995, are only $795 for the first 100 M300FE customers.

Availability and Pricing

The M300 is available immediately at $5,995, which includes free Gen-2 Night Vision. The first 100 customers will have same day shipment.

About TrackingPoint

TrackingPoint, based in Austin, Texas, builds extreme weapons for an extreme world. Based on fighter jet technology the company’s Precision-Guided Firearms deliver mission dominance, force multiplication, and remarkable battle overmatch in the war on radical Islamic terrorism. To learn more, visit

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