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Night Vision Kit

September 14, 2017


The CMOS sensor in your TrackingPoint scope is capable of detecting infrared light not visible to the human eye. The TrackingPoint Gen 2 Night Vision kit adds a high-intensity Infrared Illuminator, allowing you to lock and launch on targets out to 200 yards at night. To install it, mount the high-intensity IR illuminator using the rail mounts included. When you’re ready to use it, just turn on your TrackingPoint System and switch into Night Mode.

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CMOS Sensor Technology

The Night Vision Kit enables the scope’s embedded infrared-sensitive CMOS sensor to detect light not visible to the human eye. Depending on the strength of the IR illuminator, targets can be engaged and tracked out to 200 yards at night.

Model Compatibility

The NVK is available for all fielded and future Precision-Guided Firearms.

Tag-and-Track at Night

As a shooter pulls the trigger the target is automatically acquired and tracked. When trigger pull completes, the target is instantly eliminated. RapidLok™ Fire Control is image stabilized enabling you to make off-hand shots and shots on the run.
Kit Components and Installation

The NVK includes a Thumb Drive and High Intensity IR Illuminator. Installation is simple and straight forward. To enable night vision the user inserts the Thumb Drive into the scope USB port and powers on the scope. The IR Illuminator comes with a rail mount kit.