TrackingPoint™, the innovative firearms technology company, brings you the latest evolution in target acquisition technology – Ratiometric Edge Detection Fire Control – or quite simply REDF1RE™! Hogs, steel targets, predators, silhouettes, varmints and paper targets don’t stand a chance with REDF1RE. Built on the ever-popular AR platform and chambered in .300 Blackout – the hottest AR caliber on the market today –  shooters who choose REDF1RE need only add a 1x optic of their choice to immediately engage multiple targets of similar size, shape and distance quickly and effectively. TrackingPoint wants to know… “just how fast can you put lead on steel?”

Utilizing LIDAR, or Light Detection and Ranging, continuous pulse patterns emanate from the RedF1re device, detecting the edges/outline of the designated target, indicated by the yellow LED. Once the targeting system determines when the aim point of the rifle crosses onto the center of the target, the fire control is released, the LED goes red, and the rifle fires.REDF1RE synchronizes your shot so you fire only when on target, allowing you to always make your shot. But enough with the technical definition and engineering talk, REDF1RE quite simply makes shooters better and faster! Quickly and accurately engage multiple targets, smaller targets and even moving targets from unstable or off-hand shooting positions, and have FUN doing it!

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Shot Sequence

Step 1
Power on REDF1RE: double tap the red button on the trigger guard. When powered up the LED light will flash twice on the device.

Step 2
Designate target: half pull trigger to mark target. Yellow light will illuminate when on target.

Step 3
Target lock: full pull trigger when ready to lock on target, if misaligned yellow light will turn off and REDF1RE holds off the shot.

Step 4
Fire: when trigger is fully pulled and on target light will turn red and round is released.


Lock Range
Max Target Velocity
Target Lock Time
Tracking Precision
Barrel Length
Full Length
Operating Time

0-300 yards (Point Blank Range)
11 MPH
100 ms
2 minutes of angle (MOA)
CR-123A Batteries
500 rounds
TP 300 AAC BO 120gr OTM
TP 300 AAC BO 120 gr Tac-TX
Any Quality 300 BO 110 gr
7 lbs

Package Includes:

  • (1) 10-Round Magazine BLK


Rifle      $1,800   (Primary iron sights included)

REDF1RE System & Accessories   $1,590

Install   $95

MSRP $3,495

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