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What makes the ShadowTrax3 the Ultimate Hunting Rifle?

For starters, it was originally developed to enable the most humane harvest of mountain game such as elk, grizzly, and moose, and is one of the most capable and sound bolt-action rifle on the market.  Generations of hunters have relied on the 300 Win Mag platform to fly true and kill quickly.  When that performance is paired with our precision-guided technology, you’ll eliminate the human error that causes animal suffering, animal loss, or potential damage to valuable game meat.

shadowtrax3 video

And you don’t have to wait until hunting season to enjoy it – ShadowTrax3 is just as fun to shoot in the off season when you’re center punching targets out to 1200 yards.  Step into Spring range-time with a new ShadowTrax3.

If you’re still not convinced the ShadowTrax3 is the hunting rifle of your dreams, consider that it delivers all 5 of the firing modes available with TrackingPoint technology.  This model is a limited edition solid black Cerakote finish with American flag detail – we are ONLY doing 25 so don’t wait – call today!

Firing Modes

The ShadowTrax3 is loaded with all five firing modes available with TrackingPoint technology.


RapidLok™ Target Elimination System and Fire Control

As a shooter or hunter engages the trigger (half pull), the target is automatically acquired and tracked (tagged). With the trigger fully engaged and the shooter aligns the lit reticle with the tag, the target is then instantly neutralized.

Night Vision

Utilizing CMOS sensor technology, the ShadowTrax3 delivers Gen-2 night vision performance. Turn your night into day and acquire and track targets regardless of the time.

Zero Signature Lethality

When paired with ShotGlass™, the shooter can be completely concealed but still see and eliminate targets as if he or she were looking through the scope.  Shoot over berms and around corners with virtually no exposure. Learn More about ShotGlass™.

Shared Dominance

Record video and narrate to share rich media experiences of your shot with family and friends.


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Offer Expires on Friday, April 20, 2018 at 5 P.M. CST

Package Value:  $14,544

You Pay: $9,995

The Limited Edition ShadowTrax3 Includes:

Rifle – black edition with American flag -regularly priced at $9,995 MSRP

Hard case – a $699 value!

3-Year Warranty – a $2,900  value!
The extended warranty is designed to cover repairs and protect you
in the event of failures or defects in materials, workmanship, or functionality for 3 full years.

 Ammunition – a $850 value
Package includes 200 rounds of TrackingPoint 220gr OTM ammo

Leather Sling – a $100 value
Carry your new 300 Win Mag in style! Includes QD links.

Save $4,550 off MSRP on this incredible limited availability package! Be ONE of 25 people in the world to own this 300 WinMag!


Get FREE Shipping

CALL 512.354.2114

Offer Expires on Friday, April 20, 2018 at 5 P.M. CST

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