With the ShotView™ App, others can view first-person your hunting or shooting experience. The ShotView™ App streams real-time audio and video directly from your Precision-Guided Firearm to your tablet or smartphone.

No other firearm offers this unique way to share a first-person experience with friends, family members, fellow hunters, or fellow soldiers as it happens.

Share Shooting Sports Excitement

  • A friend or family member can see exactly what you see via the ShotView™ App
  • Your hunting partner will feel the thrill of the hunt from your perspective

Boost Hunting Success

  • A friend in the blind with you using the ShotView™ App on a smartphone can strategize with you in real time
  • An experienced hunter using the ShotView™ app on a smartphone can guide the first shots of a novice hunter

Gain the Tactical Advantage

  • In defense situations, ShotView™ enables a live video feed to the spotter for target recognition and designation
  • In war, ShotView™ helps spotters guide the target engagements of fellow soldiers

Technical Specifications

Operating System Compatibility
Network Requirement
iOS, Android
LTE/4G (Needed only for remote viewing)