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We want to do more than just send you a new rifle with the most advanced Next Generation Precision Optics. Instead, we invite you to join us in Pflugerville, Tx, to experience a day at TrackingPoint™ HQ for your Elite Experience.  The Elite Experience is included with every rifle purchase. Many customers choose to visit when their new rifles are ready to go home, but some prefer to visit soon after placing an order.

During your visit, we’ll show you how precision rifles and optics are made, introduce you to some of the minds behind the magic, then escort you to the range where we’ll show you precisely how to operate your new rifle and optics.

The Elite Experience is one full day hosted at TrackingPoint, where you’ll:

  • Meet the team and tour the production facility at HQ in Pflugerville, Texas
  • Learn about future TrackingPoint products, including our new optics
  • Meet with senior management, where you can share ideas for future products
  • Attend live-fire training at an outdoor range (using your new rifle if it’s ready!)

When your Elite Experience is complete, you’ll be a valued TrackingPoint insider and a member of the One Shot Nation community. You’ll leave knowing you’re equipped to shoot more accurately than ever before – even if you’re already an experienced and accomplished shooter.  You’ll leave our facility with the knowledge of how your rifle was made, how it works, how to use it, and bring home some excellent TrackingPoint swag.

Call now or complete the form below and a sales specialist will contact you to discuss your order and to schedule your Elite Experience!

(512) 354-2411