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What It Is

A Precision-Guided Firearm (PGF) is a comprehensive, purpose-built weapon system that leverages the same tracking and fire-control technology found in advanced fighter jets. The TrackingPoint PGF system is the first and only rifle optics system to offer the advanced technology that guides the release of ordnance. Known as TriggerLink, this fire control system virtually eliminates human error caused by misaiming, mistiming, and central nervous system jitter.

How Accurate?

Elite marksmen using today’s most accurate rifles, optics, rangefinders, and ammunition can group shots within 4 inches of their aim point at .57 miles. With a TrackingPoint firearm, your shots will strike within 0.5 inches of your aim point at .57 miles. Therefore, a quality firearm equipped with TrackingPoint’s optics and trigger technology provides hunters and long-range shooters with the tools they need to be as accurate as a natural-born, hard-earned elite marksman. With a TrackingPoint system, hunters unable to dedicate the time and resources required to achieve such an elite level of skill can now make dreams of a trophy kill a reality.

The TrackingPoint System

– Precision-built Firearm
– Specially Tuned Ammunition
– Digital Optic Display
– Sensors that detect 11 environmental shot variables:
Cardinal Direction
Rifle Cant
Barometric Pressure
Air Temperature
Coriolis Effect
Spin Drift
Magnus Effect
– Onboard Shot Computer
– Trigger Guiding Mechanism containing dozens of microprocessors and electronic, electro-optic and electro-mechanical components

What It Does

The TrackingPoint System enables shooters of any ability to hit exactly where he or she means to, with pinpoint accuracy, every time.

Target Tracking

Precision-Guided Firearms have an integrated target tracking system, just like a fighter jet or Predator drone. Once a target is tagged, the Precision-Guided Firearm tracks the target’s exact location and velocity so that the shot is perfectly launched to ensure precise impact.

ShotView™ App

The ShotView™ app streams real-time video from the Precision-Guided Firearm to their ShotGlass™ on the Recon Jet™ wearable, smart phone, or tablet. It’s ideal for communication in hunting and target shooting applications. Friends, colleagues, or fellow soldiers can see what the shooter sees in his tracking optic.

How You Use It


Put the crosshairs on your target, squeeze the trigger half way, and the TrackingPoint system locks on, tagging your target. The system recognizes the object you want to shoot, as well as the point of impact you’ve tagged. Sensors are continuously measuring variables that affect the shot. As soon as you lock on, the onboard computer uses those measurements to calculate the firearm’s precise point of impact, then snaps the crosshairs to it.


To fire, fully squeeze and hold the trigger, and realign your crosshairs with the tag on your target. If your alignment isn’t perfect, the trigger guiding mechanism prevents the launch of a round. But the moment your tag intersects with the designated point of impact, the solenoid releases the trigger, launching a perfect shot. Each part of the Tracking Point system works together so you hit exactly where you mean to, every time.

Every part of the TrackingPoint System works together so you hit right where you mean to, every time.

Heads-Up Display (HUD)

HUD is what you see when you look through your Precision-Guided Firearm scope. It’s the digital display that shows the field of view. As the key user-interface between the shooter and the Precision-Guided Firearm, the HUD displays your target along with vital pieces of data such as range-to-target and:

  • Target velocity
  • Shot angle
  • Compass heading
  • Gun cant
  • Battery status
  • WiFi status
  • Wind velocity and direction
  • Kill zone size
  • Ammunition type
  • Temperature
  • Barometric pressure
  • Time of day

Virtual Rest™

VirtualRest™ makes off-hand shots as easy as shooting from a stable rest. The Precision-Guided Firearm image is stabilized so the shooter can Tag-and-Shoot™ moving or stationary targets at extreme distances from an off-hand position.