Vivid™ – Gen 3 Night Vision Attachment

Gen 3 Night Vision

VividTM is built on the most advanced night vision technology in existence.  Tactical Precision-Guided missions take on an entirely new dimension in starlight/moonlight conditions. When coupled with an IR Illuminator VividTM delivers clear situational awareness in all nighttime conditions and users can tag, track and eliminate targets with impunity.  All TrackingPoint Precision-Guided Firearm capabilities are preserved when VividTM is attached including the ability to stream video to ShotGlassTM digital video glasses.


  • Compatible with TrackingPoint M300, M400, M600, M800, M1400, 300Blackout, SA556, and SA762 Precision-Guided Firearms
  • ShotGlassTM Compatible – Night Vision Images projected in glasses
  • 24/7 Tag-Track-Kill Operation
  • Quick-release locking mount
  • Sensitivity – 64-72 Ip/mm, Manual Gain
  • Power – One CR123A battery or 1.5V AA
  • Dimensions (in) – 4.9×2.7×2.2
  • Weight w/o mount (oz) – 16.9
  • Includes Stealth Kit software-upgrade thumb drive (note: Stealth Kit only needs to be installed one time regardless of number of stealth attachments added to a specific gun.)
  • Made in America


  • Ships beginning June 15, 2016 


Call (512)354-2114 to Purchase.

Vivid - Gen 3 NV

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