From Legend to Legendary: the Barrett 50 Caliber with TrackingPoint

If you’re a fan of 50 caliber semi-automatics, then you know Barrett is the name that started it all. We couldn’t resist putting TrackingPoint technology on Barrett’s new and improved M107A1, which is lighter, stronger, and more accurate than the original M107 – giving life to the new Mi50. With flawless reliability, advanced design, and lighter construction, this firearm is worthy of legendary status with TrackingPoint’s technology. Love it for the caliber, but adore it for its precision-guided optics to lock on to your largest targets at 1,760 yards. With dual lithium ion batteries, lie in wait for your perfect big game for up to 6 hours. Get an up close and personal look at your target with a 6 – 35x zoom, and connect to all the TrackingPoint Apps to capture, record, view, and share your winning shot. There’s so much more to love about this firearm, so download the spec sheet now to learn more about your next conquest.

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Rifle Features

Suppressor-Ready Muzzle Brake

Lightweight Quick-Detach Titanium Bipod

Accepts Side Mounted Accessory Rails

Thermal Guard Cheekpiece

Modular Hand-Grip Mounted on M1913 rail

Removable Monopod

Recoil Operated, Semi-Automatic

10-Round Magazine Capacity

Rifling Twist One Turn in 15”

Constructed of Aluminum and Titanium

Nickel-Teflon Coated Bolt & Bolt Carrier

Chromed Internals for Ease of Cleaning


ADVANCED TARGET – Collects and holds real-time ballistics solution to systems maximum range.

Trigger is live to reduce time to engagements.


MSRP $19,995



Ranging Capability Integrated Laser Range Finder for targets at 1,760 yards

Calculated Target Lock Time 1 second

Operation Recoil Operated, Semi-Automatic

Compatible With ShotViewTM, ShotGlassTM, Suppressors

Ammunition Hornady .50 BMG 750 gr A-MAX

Weight 35 lbs – Rifle and Optic

Overall Length 57”

Zoom 6x–35x

Barrel 29” fluted

Power Dual Lithium Ion Batteries

Operation Time 6 HRS

WiFi 802.11G


(1) Stainless Steel Magazine, 10-round

(3) Batteries

(1) Battery Charger

(1) Custom Pelican Hardcase

(1) Eye Guard, Shuttered

(1) Lightweight Quick-Detach Titanium Bipod

(1) Barrett M107A1 User Manual

Primary Iron Sights

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